System Betting Odds

System Betting Odds

With odds system bets you can increase the size of potential winnings while reducing the risk of losing your entire bet if things don't go as planned. Read all about system games below!

When playing sports there are several ways to do it. Either with single games, system games or an interlude of these two variants. Of course, what you choose is entirely up to the individual, but if you want to win more when you win and possibly reduce the risk of losing your entire bet, system betting can make sense.

The Simplest System Game is Combination Play

Placing bets on sports is the simplest singles game. Then you play at just one event. If you use football as an example, it means playing on the outcome of a football match. If you bet on the right outcome you win, and you lose the bet if it ends up with one of the other two outcomes.

For higher total odds and thus a bigger win if you win, many players create their own system and combine the outcome of several football matches. This is called combination betting at betting companies and is really the easiest form of system betting. The number of sports events one can use for a combo game varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, but ranges from at least two and up to twenty. The more you have on the coupon, the greater the risk of you missing out on an event.

Combo games in Practice

If you think of playing three football games with odds of 1.35, 1.58 and 1.45 respectively, the odds are multiplied with each other to arrive at the total odds on the coupon. In this case, it gives an odds of (1.35 * 1.58 * 1.45) 3.09. Betting for $ 300 on this gives a prize of (3.09 * 300) $ 927 if you succeed. Single bets for 100 kroner on each of these matches would have been awarded with 438 kroner if all three matches had been received correctly.

Thus, it is seen that this simplest form of system game offers greater profit if one is successful. At the same time, the risk also increases. If you lose a match, there will be no prize and you will lose the entire bet. For three individual games, you will receive a prize for two of the games if you miss the outcome of one match.

What are system games?

If you want higher total odds, reduce the risk of losing the entire bet and win even if not all matches end the way you bet, then you should consider some form of system bet.

How large and advanced this can be done varies between betting companies, but to play the system you have to go for at least three different sports events. The upside is usually between 7 and 9 sports events. By combining multiple matches in the system you play with rows on the coupon. It also means that you pay a series price, and then the number of rows on the coupon determines the total bet.

The smallest and most common is to use three alternatives in what is referred to as a dual system, but even on this simple form of system play one can bet on the outcome of up to 6 events. Other systems that can be played on are triple, quadruple, femling, sixling, sibling, eighth and kidney vouchers. And giant coupons can be put together with all this included. With nine selected events, some bookmakers can have a coupon with a total of 502 rows. Triple and quadruple systems can also be played with 4-7 and 5-7 events respectively.

System Games in Practice

All the possibilities that lie in system games can quickly become a bit overwhelming for those who have not done so. Then you might be fine with an example of the least advanced system.

The football double system gives a good description of this. Here you can play the three same matches on one coupon and you get a prize for each correct combination of two matches. It means prize even if one match does not end with success. With three matches, it provides three possible combinations with two correct matches. Thus, this becomes a coupon with three rows. If you want to play for NOK 300, there will be a bet of NOK 100 per row.

If all three matches are wagered correctly, it gives a prize per combination equal to the odds multiplied by the odds times the bet per row. In this case a total premium of (((1.35 * 1.58) + (1.35 * 1.45) + (1.58 * 1.45)) * 100) NOK 638. In other words, less than in a combi game, but if a match ends wrong then you win the combination with the two correct matches. That is, either 213, 196 or 229 NOK in this case. Such a system can also be extended by up to three games. Then the number of rows or winning combinations is also increased to 6, 10 and 15 rows, which increases the coupon price.

Pros and Cons of System Gaming

No matter what system game you go for, two things happen. Firstly, one increases the potential total gain if all selected alternatives are included. Second, one can win even if not all choices are right. Thus, you do not lose all your efforts. However, you pay an "insurance price" for this by having to pay for the number of rows.

Also note that even if you win if one of three outcomes does not enter, you do not go plus with the game. In fact, they would have lost less money if they had chosen three singles games and two of them ended up with success.